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Gothic Delusion Special Soundtrack - 556t (心): ABSOLUTE

_____ Title: ABSOLUTE Album: Gothic Delusion Special Soundtrack Game: Gothic Delusion Music and lyrics: Luka Kannagi Vocal: 556t (心) Link: Japanese lyrics: Click here for a complete list of all 回路-kairo-'s songs with links to videos and translations _____ This song really puts 556t's voice on display, and shows everything she can do. Truly an amazing song. As always, this was translated in an attempt to get better at Japanese, so they might be a little inaccurate, but I'm glad to be able to share it. _____ 漢字 ローマ字 English 鋭利な Eirina I'll gouge 刃の先で Ha no saki de This chest この胸を Kono mune wo By the sharp 抉る様 Eguru you Point of this blade 溢れ出す Afuredasu This cold 温かく Atatakaku Chain 冷たい Tsumetai Warmly 鎖 Kusari Overflowing 闇貫く Yami tsuranuku I'll pierce the darkness 疼いた傷 Uzuita kizu This throbbed wound その先の未来見えるでしょうか? Sono saki no mirai m