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チリヌルヲワカ / Chirinuruwowaka: アヲアヲ / Awoawo

Title: アヲアヲ / Awoawo
Band: チリヌルヲワカ / Chirinuruwowaka
Vo./G.: ユウ / Yuu
B.: イワイエイキチ / Iwaieikichi
D.: 阿部耕作 / Abe Kosaku
G.: 坂本夏樹 / Natsuki Sakamoto
Album: アヲアヲ / Awoawo
What?! A song by another band than 回路-kairo-??
The title of this song is, from what I can tell, an old pronunciation of the word "blue" (青), which can also mean "green". I decided to leave the title as the pronunciation instead of translating it, because both meanings are used in the song.

漢字ローマ字英語誇りにあふれた人生の途中でHokori ni afureta jinsei no tochuu deIn the middle of life, overflowing with pride埃にまみれた夢を追いかけるHokori ni mamireta yume wo oikakeruFollowing one's dreams, being smeared in the dust私たちは自然の驚異ですWatashitachi ha shizen no kyoui desuWe are a miracle of nature憧れを餌に生きるAkogare wo esa ni ikiruWe live longing for prey満足を誰かと分かち合っていたりManzoku wo dareka to wakachiatteitariSharing satisfaction with somebody当たり前のように盗んでいたりAtarimae no you ni nusundeitariAnd stealin…