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回路-kiaro-: Love Song

_____ Title: Love Song Circle: 回路-kairo- Vocal: 556t Music/Lyrics: Megane Album: Way of wonderful suicide Click here for a complete list of all 回路-kairo-'s songs with links to videos and translations _____ A cute song written by Megane  💖 _____ 漢字 Romanized English 遠すぎる空見てその目を細める Toosugiru sora mite sono me o hosomeru I narrow my eyes, looking at the distant sky 「届くかな?」とこぼして Todoku kana? to koboshite "Will we make it?" I let out この手を握って Kono te o nigitte While holding your hand 何度も Nandomo Over and over 何度も Nandomo Over and over 確かめ合ったね Tashikame atta ne We were a perfect fit 終わりなんて一度さえ考えなかった Owari nante ichido sae kangaenakatta I hadn't once thought, that an end would come そうだ、ここで写真を撮ろうか Sou da, koko de shashin o torou ka Oh yeah, let's take a picture right here また思い出一つ Mata omoide hitotsu To carve 今刻むよ Ima kizamu yo One more memory ずっと一緒、約束だよ Zutto issho, yakusoku da yo We'll always be together, that's a promise 空の色さえ変わろうとも