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回路-kairo-: from the East

_____ Title: from the East Circle: 回路-kairo- Vocal: 556t Lyric/Arrange: ke Album: The world is too small(wide) we are to live comfortably Website: Click here for a complete list of all 回路-kairo-'s songs with links to videos and translations _____ As of 2015/1/1, no one has uploaded this song to Youtube. I will keep the post updated if it does go up on Youtube.  Above is the crossfade demo for the entire album. This song is heard from 0:00 to 1:40. Thanks to Marisa Nya for uploading the song and using my translation in the video. Definitely one my favorites from the new songs on this album. _____ 漢字 ローマ字 英語 いつも思っていた ここから離れて Itsumo omotteita koko kara hanarete I always wanted to go see 私の知らない世界 見に行きたいって Watashi no shiranai sekai mi ni ikitaitte An unknown far-away place 今でも良く覚えているの Ima demo yoku oboeteiru no Do you still remember? そう言った時の嬉しそうな貴方の顔を Sou itta toki no ureshisou na anata no kao wo The happy look on your face as you said th