Song Translation Index: 回路-kairo- / 556t

This list includes all songs by 回路-kairo- or 556t that I've been able to find.
Some albums on this list have missing tracks. That's either because the song isn't by 回路-kairo- or 556t, or it appears on a different album on this list.

Compiling this list, I felt I got a good look at part of the Touhou community, and especially those with an interest in 回路-kairo-. So I thought I'd just give a shoutout to all the Youtube channels and all the other translators I've linked to:

Youtube: hamucomcity, ~MariMari~, Kyara Frost, Crystal Memories, Marisa Nya, BurstDigiSoul, The Little Pagoda, Undefined Fantastic Channel, Music of Gensokyo / 幻想郷の音楽, RevnaVarea, 0P2C, ParasiteTeromea, hyperone3232, TheHakurouTengu, PatchyFTW, Shaya Kagi, Eiki Shiki, FantasyGensokyo, Anjuu Miko, iapprovelolis, 茶碗蒸, 765sakuya, Ammy / エイミー, Monochro Monoe, Gensokyo1106, GreenwichInTheSky, Patchouli Knowledge, MarlyFlowerXI, HikariNoNanaki, Reimu Hakurei, DoujinMusicInc, Adauchi S., Nii Chii

Translators: Mari, ForegroundNoises, Rainorchestra, Fuyuko, 0P2C, Releska, Kafkafuura, Ambitious Explorer (Eiki), mirrorofparanoia

If I've forgotten any songs, channels, translations or anything, please leave a comment :)

Kokoro Sagara: Melting Pot (2016)
  1. ココロKokoro (heart)
  2. 星空のいまThe starry sky (Video) (From Visual Novel 星空へ架かる橋)
  3. Over the Rainbow
  4. Keep on dreaming
  5. こたえAnswer
  6. コライドスコープCollidoscope
  7. Sing for you (feat. YOCO ORGAN)
  8. Sword of colors (Video)
  9. 花降る丘Hill of falling cherry blossoms
  10. ネバーエンドNever end
モジャン棒: モジャンガール☆宣誓ション!! (2015)
  1. 終夜ホーカスポーカスAll Night Hocus Pocus
  2. 幻想レトロスペクティブIllusory Retrospective (Translation)
TORANOANA: Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS ~eNDoFtHEuLTIMATEoVERdRIVE~ Disc 3 (2015)
  1. Demystify Truth (Translation) (Video)
TORANOANA: Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS4 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~ Disc 3 (2015)
  1. remember (Translation) (Video)
TORANOANA: Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS3 ~Toaru Mahou to Gensou no Mugen Rasen~ Disc 3 (2015)
  1. ハメツワルツWaltz of Destruction (Translation) (Video)
回路-kairo-: The world is too small(wide) we are to live comfortably (2014)
  1. from the East (Translation) (Video) (Track for 3/4 ~Triple times of the east~)
  2. in the Shades. (Track for Fantasia of the Shades, by the Shades, for the Shades)
  3. She doesn't wake up (Video) (Track for And, I wake up under the cherry blossoms tonight)
  4. D.reaming C.orpse (Video) (Track for Will the living corpse have dream of tomorrow?)
  5. alone, but never alone (Translation) (Video) (Track for alone, but never alone)
  6. killing magic (Translation) (Video) (Track for 8magics to kill the gods)
  7. in the here and now (Video) (Track for Do not distract the eye in the here and now )
  8. equal (Translation(Track for So, All we have (not) created equal)
TORANOANA: Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS2 ~fAIRYtAILoVERdRIVE~ Disc 3(2014)
  1. locus (Translation)
回路-kairo-: So, All we have (not) created equal (2013)
  1. Singing (Video)
  2. Going (Translation) (Video)
  3. Laughing (Translation) (Video)
  4. Crying (Translation) (Video)
  5. Dying (Translation) (Video)
  6. Searching (Translation) (Video)
  7. Touching (Translation) (Video)
  8. Sleeping (Translation) (Video)
回路-kairo-: World Pulse (2013)
  1. hack
  2. fool
  3. Dragon
  4. pulse (Translation) (Video)
回路-kairo-: Do not distract the eye in the here and now (2013)
  1. mirror (Translation) (Video)
  2. blaze (Translation) (Video)
  3. light (Translation) (Video)
  4. chain
  5. cold (Translation) (Video)
  6. change (Translation) (Video)
  7. flower (Translation) (Video)
  8. eyes (Translation) (Video)
  1. Put the clock back (Translation) (Video)
IOSYS: Scary Halloween Show (2013)
  1. Scary Halloween Show (Translation) (Video)
  2. ヴァンパイア†キスVampire Kiss (Translation) (Video)
回路-kairo-: 8magics to kill the gods (2012)
  1. 秋の象徴Symbol of Fall (Translation) (Video)
  2. 不幸の価値The Value of Misfortune (Video)
  3. 祈りの歌Song of Prayer (Translation) (Video)
  4. 千里の願いWish of a Thousand Miles (Video)
  5. 隙間の中In the Gap
  6. 懐の蛇The Snake in the Bosom
  7. 最初の話The First Tale (Translation) (Video)
回路-kairo-: Way of Wonderful Suicide (2012)
  1. Intro (Video) (0:00-0:34)
  2. Love Song (Translation) (Video)
  3. 隣にいる君へTo you, next to me (Video) (4:02-7:46)
  4. Vortex (Video) (7:46-12:27)
  5. Interlude (Video) (12:27-13:32)
  6. Answer (Video) (13:32-19:08)
  7. 風の香りScent of the Wind (Video) (19:08-24:37)
  8. 旅人の行進曲March of the Traveler (Translation) (Video)
  9. Way of Wonderful Suicide (Translation) (Video)
Alice Music: Alice†Holic 2 (2012)
  1. color (Video)
回路-kairo-: alone, but never alone (2011)
  1. 刹那の灯りA Flash of Light (Video)
  2. もう私の歌は聞こえないCan't Hear My Song Anymore (Translation) (Video)
  3. 君と私と穏やかな旅You, Me and a Gentle Journey (Translation) (Video)
  4. 一輪の花A Single Flower (Video)
  5. pray (Translation) (Video)
  6. 天地爛漫Heaven and Earth (Translation) (Video)
  7. 岸辺の赤Red of the Shore (Translation) (Video)
回路-kairo-: Will the living corpse have dream of tomorrow? (2011)
  1. 一期一会Treasure Every Encounter, For They May Never Recur (Translation) (Video)
  2. 三者三様To Each Their Own (Video)
  3. 六道輪廻Samsara of the Six Realms (Translation) (Video)
  4. 十月十日Ten Days and Ten Months (Translation)
  5. 四面楚歌Surrounded by Enemies
  6. 二者択一Alternative (Video)
  7. 三千世界The Whole World (Translation) (Video)
  8. 来世、また会おうLet's Meet In The Afterlife (Video)
回路-kairo-: And, I wake up under the cherry blossoms tonight (2011)
  1. 舞い散る夢はThe Scattering Fluttering Dream (Video)
  2. 遠い音に乗せてCarried By Distant Sounds (Translation) (Video)
  3. 繋がる糸の様にLike Connected Threads (Translation) (Video)
  4. 小さな温もりと、With a Little Warmth (Translation) (Video)
  5. 懐かしい場所と、With that Nostalgic Place (Video)
  6. 君の声と、With Your Voice (Translation) (Video)
  7. 在るべき世界をAll is Right With The World (Video)
  8. 此処に紡ぐDrawn Here (Translation) (Video)
TUMENECO: genmu Disc 1 (2011)
  1. 感情と忘却の咆哮Roar of Emotion and Oblivion (Video)
Sadistic Brownie: Sadistic Brownie (2011)
  1. 流言と時花Rumor and Time Flowers
  2. ecarlate
  3. Happinessful Days (Video)
回路-kairo-: 夜明けのセカイと思考回路 (2010)
  1. moon (Video)
  2. lain (Video)
  3. lost (Translation) (Video)
  4. tune the world (Video)
回路-kairo-: Fantasia of the Shades, by the Shades, for the Shades (2010)
  1. ここにいることBeing Here (Video)
  2. -世界に関する考察-Inquiry Regarding The World
  3. 違うということChanging (Translation) (Video)
  4. 守りたいことWishing to Protect (Video)
  5. -暗闇に関する考察-Inquiry Regarding the Darkness
  6. 叶えたいことWanting to Grant a Wish (Translation) (Video)
  7. 想うということFeeling (Translation) (Video)
  8. -光に関する考察-Inquiry Regarding the Light
  9. わたしであるということI, Being Here (Video)
  10. 夢見ることDreaming (Video)
回路-kairo-: 3/4 ~Triple times of the east~ (2010)
  1. 久遠の花Flower of Eternity (Translation) (Video)
  2. 泡の音Sound of Bubbles (Translation) (Video)
  3. bottom (Translation) (Video)
  4. Full-blown universe (Translation) (Video)
Yellow Zebra: Touhou ASSOCIATION (2008)
  1. Yo-zakura (Video)
  2. Sambra de China (Stay Tune, Stay Gold) (Video)
556t: Others


  1. Hi, you've missed a few of my translations, like mirror and equal (

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I've added them :) Feel free to let me know if you know any other blogs I've missed or find any of the missing videos

  2. 556t sang 2 songs in album モジャンガール☆宣誓ション!! by モジャン棒
    #01 終夜ホーカスポーカス
    #06 幻想レトロスペクティブ

    As for the latter, there is a translation by Releska.
    ▼ 幻想レトロスぺクティブ || Illusory Retrospective – Releska

    1. Hi again! Thanks for the information! I've added the songs :)

  3. Touhouwiki has a translation for 夢見ること, although they don't have accreditation for it. Googling for a translation doesn't yield anything which leads me to believe it was just written directly on the wiki.

    Looking at the edit history, it appears reasonable to credit it to the user that edited it in, which would be:

  4. can you listen to「in the shades」 in the「the world is too small(wide)we are to live comfortably」?
    i could not find it.
    also do you have that album?
    Can you tell me if you like.

    1. Hey, sorry for my late reply. I do own the album, yes. I'll add it to my backlog!

  5. Hope you keep on translating them, especialy leftover tracks of 8magics. I think you already got these songs's lyric, but if you dont, i can give it to you

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. nazohato just posted the translation for 懐かしい場所と:

    1. Update on the last post: there have been recent translation on the blog for 舞い散る夢は & 在るべき世界を, making the translation for the album And, I wake up under the cherry blossoms tonight complete!

      Also there is a translation of moon as well:


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