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Use this post to easily navigate my blog posts! 回路-kairo- ( Click here to view a complete list of Kairo songs and video/translation links) Love Song 繋がる糸の様に / Like Connected Threads 祈りの歌 / Inori no uta / Song of Prayer 六道輪廻 / Rokudourinne / Samsara of the Six Realms from the East Laughing Going Pulse 十月十日 / Ten Months and Ten Days 旅人の行進曲 / March of the Traveler Way of Wonderful Suicide eyes もう私の歌は聞こえない / Can't Hear My Song Anymore 一期一会 / Treasure Every Encounter, For They May Not Recur 岸辺の赤 / Red of the Shore Lost チリヌルヲワカ / Chirinuruwowaka 陰日向 / Double-Faced 甲と乙 / Prey Versus Predator アヲアヲ / Awoawo Re:leaf Re:member 556t ABSOLUTE

回路-kiaro-: Love Song

_____ Title: Love Song Circle: 回路-kairo- Vocal: 556t Music/Lyrics: Megane Album: Way of wonderful suicide Click here for a complete list of all 回路-kairo-'s songs with links to videos and translations _____ A cute song written by Megane  💖 _____ 漢字 Romanized English 遠すぎる空見てその目を細める Toosugiru sora mite sono me o hosomeru I narrow my eyes, looking at the distant sky 「届くかな?」とこぼして Todoku kana? to koboshite "Will we make it?" I let out この手を握って Kono te o nigitte While holding your hand 何度も Nandomo Over and over 何度も Nandomo Over and over 確かめ合ったね Tashikame atta ne We were a perfect fit 終わりなんて一度さえ考えなかった Owari nante ichido sae kangaenakatta I hadn't once thought, that an end would come そうだ、ここで写真を撮ろうか Sou da, koko de shashin o torou ka Oh yeah, let's take a picture right here また思い出一つ Mata omoide hitotsu To carve 今刻むよ Ima kizamu yo One more memory ずっと一緒、約束だよ Zutto issho, yakusoku da yo We'll always be together, that's a promise 空の色さえ変わろうとも

回路-kiaro-: 繋がる糸の様に / Like Connected Threads

_____ Title: 繋がる糸の様に / Like Connected Threads Circle: 回路-kairo- Vocal: 556t Arrange/Lyrics: Megane Album: And, I wake up under the cherry blossoms tonight Click here for a complete list of all 回路-kairo-'s songs with links to videos and translations _____ An old favorite of mine from Kairo, which I noticed wasn't translated on my list. So here it is! _____ 繋がる糸の様に Tsunagaru Ito no You ni Like Connected Threads 日本語 Romanized English 花が咲き誇る Hana ga saki hokoru The flowers are in full bloom 歪みの中漂う Hizumi no naka tadayou Drifting around in distortion 代わる代わる Kawaru kawaru Replacing, replacing また繰り返していく輪廻 Mata kurikaeshite iku rinne Repeating again in circulation 操り糸に引きずられるように Ayatsuri ito ni hikizurareru you ni Pulled like a marionette, 交わった線の上で踊るんだ Majiwatta sen no ue de odorunda Dancing from the intersecting threads 造られた全ては Tukurareta subete wa With everything built, 道化の戯れ Douke no tawamure The clown's play 欠けている Kaketeiru Is still missing 最初の歯車は Sais

チリヌルヲワカ / Chirinuruwowaka: 陰日向 / Double-Faced

Check out KOH3956's  awesome cover of this song!  _____ Title: 陰日向 / Kagehinata / Double-Faced Band: チリヌルヲワカ / Chirinuruwowaka Album: アヲアヲ / Awoawo Lyrics: ユウ / yuu Composition: ユウ / yuu Japanese lyrics: _____ This song has some really interesting writing. There's a clever use of synonyms that sound similar, but have slightly different meanings all over this song. (隙間/狭間, 衝動/行動/鼓動) The song also uses the expressions 雲行き (Movement of the clouds) and 風向き (Direction of the wind) at different points in the song. Again, these are similar and theme, and are actually both metaphors for "the situation" or "the outlook of things". Finally, there's the part about becoming a shellfish. I couldn't find this as a common expression, but I did find  one interpretation of the expression in an unrelated context . It can mean to not talk to anyone, not be affected by anyone, and simply live in your own shell. So t

Re:leaf - Re:member

_____ Title: Re:member Band: Re:leaf Vocal/Guitar: 岡本照範 (Terunori Okamoto) Vocal/Guitar: 土屋博幹 (Hiroki Tsuchiya) Vocal/Keyboard: 飯田泰恵子 (Taeko Iida) Drums: 高松延三子 (Emiko Takamatsu) _____ /u/Escrypthia on reddit posted this song to /r/JapaneseMusic and asked to know more about this song and the band. It doesn't say much on the video, and despite the video having more than 100.000 views, there wasn't much information to find. The band members' names are in the description of the video and the channel has a video of Re:leaf's cover of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning . The keyboardist, Taeko, also has a Youtube Channel , with a few other Re:leaf videos. Other than that, it seems certain that this is the final song the band did, written to commemorate their time together. I also really liked the song, so I wanted to gather all I could find about the band here, including a translation of this song. My good friend helped me transcribe the lyrics of the song ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪