Re:leaf - Re:member

Title: Re:member
Band: Re:leaf
Vocal/Guitar: 岡本照範 (Terunori Okamoto)
Vocal/Guitar: 土屋博幹 (Hiroki Tsuchiya)
Vocal/Keyboard: 飯田泰恵子 (Taeko Iida)
Drums: 高松延三子 (Emiko Takamatsu)
/u/Escrypthia on reddit posted this song to /r/JapaneseMusic and asked to know more about this song and the band. It doesn't say much on the video, and despite the video having more than 100.000 views, there wasn't much information to find. The band members' names are in the description of the video and the channel has a video of Re:leaf's cover of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning. The keyboardist, Taeko, also has a Youtube Channel, with a few other Re:leaf videos.
Other than that, it seems certain that this is the final song the band did, written to commemorate their time together.
I also really liked the song, so I wanted to gather all I could find about the band here, including a translation of this song.
My good friend helped me transcribe the lyrics of the song ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ 美帆、いつもありがとう~

遥かな水平線を目指しHaruka na suiheisen o mezashiI look at the distant horizon
まだ見ぬ未来へ想いを馳せるMada minu mirai e omoi o haseruConsidering the uncertain future ahead
白紙の五線譜とギター詰め込みHakushi no gosenfu to gitaa tsumekomiWith my guitar and a book of blank staves
道しるべのない道を走り出すMichishirube no nai michi o hashiridasuI set out on an uncharted path
引き合うように出会って音は重なりHikiau you ni deatte oto wa kasanariLike a tug-of-war, the sound of our meeting overlaps,
溢れ出すメロディーAfuredasu merodiiA melody beginning to overflow
風に乗りまたどこか遠くへ響くKaze ni nori mata doko ka tooku he hibikuRiding the wind, it will continue to resonate somewhere far away
こんなに素晴らしい時を共に過ごせるのならKonna ni subarashii toki o tomo ni sugoseru no naraHaving spent such a wonderful time together,
もっと早くに出会いたかったMotto hayaku ni deaitakattaI wish we'd have met earlier
いつかは離れてしまうのならItsuka wa hanarete shimau no naraIf we one day go our seperate ways
僕らの時を止めて終わりなきメロディーを紡いでいたいBokura no toki o tomete owarinaki merodii o tsumuiteitaiLet's commemorate our days together in a never-ending melody
旅した道をふと振り返るとTabi shita michi o futo furikaeru toWhen I look back on the road we traveled
思った以上に前に進んでいたOmotta ijou ni mae ni susundeitaWe've come much further than I thought
ひとつひとつの出会いが僕らの勇気Hitotsu hitotsu no deai ga bokura no yuukiEvery single encounter is our courage
溢れ出るメロディーAfurederu merodiiAn overflowing melody
奏でて誰かの心へ響くKanadete dare ka no kokoro e hibikuResonating in someone's heart
運命UnmeiSurely, it was fate
僕らこの世界でBokura kono sekai deThat all of us in this world
同じ旅路を選びOnaji tabiji o erabiChose this same journey
限られた時間を進んできたねKagirareta jikan o susundekita neOur time together has come and gone
いつかは離れてしまうからItsuka wa hanarete shimau karaSince we'll one day go our seperate ways
過ぎゆく時に負けずSugiyuku toki ni makezuDon't be defeated by the passage of time
心に残るメモリー刻んでゆこうKokoro ni nokoru memorii kizandeyukouLet's carve a memory to leave behind in our hearts
それぞれ別々の旅の終わりをSorezore betsubetsu no tabi no owari oIn my heart, I always knew
目指し歩んでいることMezashi arundeiru kotoThat we're all just traveling
本当はわかっていたよHontou wa wakatteita yoTo each of our seperate destinations
いつかは離れてしまってもItsuka wa hanareteshimattemoEven if we'll one day go our seperate ways
笑顔でEgao deWhen we meet again,
また出会ってこの歌を大空へ共に歌おうMata deatte kono uta o oozora e tomo ni utaouWith a smile on our face, we'll sing this song to the sky
僕らの旅は続くBokura no tabi wa tsudzukuOur journey continues
The picture is from this video from Taeko's channel


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