回路-kairo-: 六道輪廻 / Rokudourinne / Samsara of the Six Realms


Title: 六道輪廻 / Rokudourinne / Samsara of the Six Realms
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Lyrics/Vocal: 556t
Arrange: ke
Album: Will the living corpse have dream of tomorrow?
Website: http://www.k-a-i-r-o.com/
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This one had been in the works for a while, probably a year or so. You didn't know? The purpose of this blog is secretly to push the limits of time intervals between blog posts.  Just got the motivation to finish it up today, so here it is!

懷かしいような 月と君の声Natsukashii you na, tsuki to kimi no koeIt's so nostalgic, hearing your voice under the moonlight
霞む 夢の 中で 見てる 背中をKasumu, yume no, naka de, miteru, senaka woIn that hazy dream, I saw your back
過去の物語の住人だった君とKako no monogatari no juunin datta kimi toYou are in all those stories from the past
過去の物語の語り部になった私Kako no monogatari no kataribu ni natta watashiNow, I'm but a storyteller of the past
今記憶の欠片を繋ぎ合わせるIma kioku no kakera wo tsunagi awaseruNow, I'm putting together those fragmented memories
ように結ばれる絆You ni musubareru kizunaBinding up the ties
哂えるほどに 叫んだらWaraeru hodo ni, sakendaraWhen I screamed so much, that I started laughing
誰か一人は振り向いてくれてたDareka hitori wa furimuitekuretetaA single person turned me around
そんな優しさも いつか消えてしまうのSonna yasashisa mo, itsuka kieteshimau noBut someday, even that gentleness will disappear
君が泣いてたら 私も隣で泣いてあげるからKimi ga naitetara, watashi mo tonari de naite ageru karaWhenever you're sad, I'll cry by your side
消えるその時までは一緒にいるよKieru sono toki made ha issho ni iru yoI'm with you until I disappear
気づいたら 立っていた 赤い月の下にKidzuitara tatteita akai tsuki no shita niI found myself standing under the red moon
何処か心地よくて なんだか切なくてDokoka kokochi yoku te, nandaka setsunakuteA comfortable, but faintly painful scene
そんな私は 歩く 知らない場所をSonna watashi wa aruku shiranai basho woWhen I walked to that unknown place
一人になった君は?Hitori ni natta kimi wa?What happened, when you were alone?
哂えるほどに 叫んでもWaraeru hodo ni, sakendemoEven if I scream so much I end up laughing
今夜は誰も気付いてはくれないKon'ya wa dare mo kidzuite wa kurenaiTonight, there is no one to notice
どうか教えてよ この声は届くの?Dou ka oshiete yo, kono koe wa todoku no?Tell me! Does my voice reach you?
君が笑ったら 私も隣で笑っていられるKimi ga warattara, watashi mo tonari de waratteirareruWhen I hear you laughing, I can't help but crack up too
気付いていたんだ元には戻れないKidzuiteitanda moto ni ha modorenaiI was aware then, that we couldn't return to how it was
終わらない日々が 空を覆い尽くすからOwaranai hibi ga, sora wo ooi tsukusukaraThose neverending days, the dark cloudy sky
いつまでも変わらないと 信じていたのにItsumademo kawaranai to, shinijteita no niEven though I believed that things would never change
歪んでいくyugande ikuEverything transformed
君に名前を 呼ばれてたKimi ni namae wo yobaretetaYou were calling my name
そんな夢を見てるだけで幸せSonna yume wo miteru dake de shiawaseThis simple dream made me so happy
どうか終わらないで なんて嘘Dou ka owaranai de nante usoWell, "this will never end" turned out to be a lie
私は語る いつまでもWatashi wa kataru itsumademoI keep reciting
気付かれない様な優しい記録をKidzukarenai you na yasashii kiroku woThose unnoticed comforting recollections
やっとわかったよ もう声は届かないYatto wakatta yo, mou koe wa todokanaiI finally get it, my voice won't reach you
君の温もりを 覚えて私は隣で眠るよKimi no nukumori wo oboete watashi wa tonari de nemuru yoI'll lie down, and remember your warmth beside me
いつかこの夢を歴史に刻むよItsuka kono yume wo rekishi ni kizamu yoOne day, this dream will just be history
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  1. Hello. Thank you for your translation.

    > 哂えるほどに 叫んだら
    > The more you laugh, the more you end up screaming

    「...ほどに」 will usually mean "to the extent that ...".
    The doer is different between my interpretation and yours.
    I would translate that part to "When I scream up to laughing".
    I interpret this part as "When I scream loudly up to making me (and others) feel so strange and funny that I (and others) laugh" and suppose that it continues to the next line.

    > 消えるその時までは一緒にいるよ
    > I'm right here until the day you disappear

    I would choose not "you" but "I" for the doer of "dissappear".
    I suppose that this song is sung from Keine's perspective and 「君」 is Mokou because it says 「過去の物語の住人だった君と 過去の物語の語り部になった私」 and the original musics are 「懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World」 and 「プレインエイジア」, which are Keine's themes.
    On that assumption, my choice is because Keine will disappear or die before Mokou, who is immortal.

    (7th stanza)
    > 哂えるほどに 叫んだら

    The lyrics sheet and 556t say 「叫んでも」, not 「叫んだら」.
    In the 4th stanza it goes 「叫んだら」.
    I would translate that part to "However I scream up to laughing".

    > 君に名前を 呼ばれてた
    > I was calling your name

    I would translate "I was being called by you".
    If we would like to translate 「名前」 explicitly, a translation will be "I was being called by you by name".

    > やったわかったよ もう声は届かない

    The lyrics sheet and 556t say 「やっと」, not 「やった」.

    1. いつもありがとうございます!添削してくれて本当に感謝します!
      I have made the corrections you have suggested. Thank you for sharing your interpretation! I should consider the original theme and character context when translating.


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