回路-kairo-: Going

Title: Going
Circle: 回路-kairo-
Vocal: 556t
Lyric/Arrange: ke
Album: So, all we have (not) created equal
Website: http://www.k-a-i-r-o.com/
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It's been over a year since I last posted a translation. A lot of things has happened, most relevant that I can feel my Japanese skills have improved tremendously. Either that, or this song was just easier than others. The point is, I spent only an hour translating this one.
It's incidentally also nearly a year since this album was released, and this one has been one of my favorites on it.
Kairo recently released a new album titled "The world is too small(wide) we are to live comfortably". I've managed to order and get it delivered to overseas, so I'm expecting it any day now.
「さあ行こう」 手をとられて"saa yukou" te wo torarete"Let's go," I took your hand
訳もわからないままに船出していたんだWake mo wakaranai mama ni funade shite itandaWithout knowing why, we voyaged out
唐突に始まった僕らの宝探しToutotsu ni hajjimatta bokura no takarasagashiAnd abruptly began our treasure hunt
でもね まだ何も分からないんだDemo ne mada nani mo wakaranaindaBut we still didn't know anything
「大切なものを失くしてしまったんだ」"Daisetsuna mono wo nakushite shimattanda"I lost something important to me"
悲しそうな顔で君が言うKanashisou na kao de kimi ga iuYou said with a sad look on your face
だからねえどうか泣かないで 手伝ってあげるからDakara nee dou ka nakanai de tetsudatte ageru karaBut hey, don't cry, since I'll lend you a hand
前を向いて 今帆を張って また風を受けて進めMae wo muite Ima ho wo hatte Mata kaze wo ugete susumeWe looked forward, raised the sails, and proceeded with the wind
振り子は揺れていた 手がかりはなかったFuriko ha yureteita te ga kari ha nakattaWe had no clues, as the pendulum was swinging
その先はわかっていた それでも笑っていたSono saki ha wakatteita sore demo waratteitaWe expected what lay ahead, but we were still laughing
そうやって生きてきた 何も怖くなかったSou yatte ikite kita nani mo kowanakattaWe were alive, and nothing was scary
ただ船は進んでいた それが今嬉しかったTada fune ha susuneita sore ga ima ureshikattaAnd now I'm happy, that the ship continued onwards.
立ち止まり振り返ってゆっくりと考えてみるTachidomari furikaette yukkuri to kangaete miruStanding pat and looking back, slowly thinking
どこまで行けるだろう?Dokomade yukeru darou?How far are we yet to go?
不安も焦燥も全部引き連れたままで良いFuan mo shousou mo zenbu hikitsureta mama de iiThe anxiety and impatience was fine
いつだって傍にいるさItsudatte soba ni iru saSince we were by each other's sides
「大切なものは必ず見つけるから」"Daisetsuna mono ha kanarazu mitsukeru kara""We'll definitely find what's important to you"
上手に笑って僕は言うJouzo ni waratte boku ha iuI said with a smile on my face
だからねえどうか泣かないで 見落としはしないからDakara nee dou ka nakanai de miotoshi ha shinai karaSo hey, don't cry, we'll search everywhere
下を向いて 躓かぬように 一歩一歩ずつ前へShita wo muite tsumazukanu you ni ippo ippo zutsu mae heLook down, and we'll proceed step by step without stumbling
振り子は止まっていた 手がかりはなかったFuriko ha tomatteita te ga kari ha nakattaWe had no clues, as the pendulum had stopped
その先はわかっていた 何もかもを失くしたSono saki ha wakatteita nani mo kamo naku shitaWe knew what lay ahead, everything had been lost
ずっとそう思っていた そんなことはなかったZutto sou omotteita sonna koto ha nakattaI had thought all along, that there was no such thing
ただ一つ残っていた それが今嬉しかったTada hitotsu nokotteita sore ga ima ureshikattaBut now I'm happy, that only one thing remained
振り子は揺れていた 全ては決まっていたFuriko ha yureteita subete ha kimatteitaEverything had been decided, as the pendulum was swinging
迷いは捨てていた 光は溢れていたMayoi ha suteteita, hikari ha afurete itaFull of light, we abandoned all hesitation
どこまでも進もう 航路は定まったDokomademo susumou, kouro ha sadamattaHow far shall we go? The route was definite
日が暮れてしまう前に 宝物探しにHi ga kureteshimau mae ni, takaramono sagashi niTo look for the treasure, before the day comes to an end
This picture is the official artwork for the album, which I believe is credited to カヲル


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